Sea Jay Goes North 2011

Sea Jay Goes North  2011
Dawes Glacier Endicott Arm Alaska

Monday, July 26, 2010

Emily Carr Inlet

We Left Prince Rupert on July 20th after a week and headed for Colby Bay and spent a quiet night anchored there. It is a safe small bay to get out of the wind and thats about it.

On July 21 we headed for Barnard inlet on the advice of a local at prince Rupert.

At the south end of Campania Island I tried a call to reflections and Mirage and to my surprise Linda answered so we met them at Harwood Bay and spend a windy night hoping Nat’s anchor would hold in the wind. Next morning we headed for Emily Carr Inlet which was recommended to us by a friend as a beautiful anchorage. However the books warned about the entrance to this small bay called Emily Carr Cove. They we not kidding and I sweat bullets going through a small passage that was barely wide enough to pass and extremely shallow showing only 5 feet below our bottom.

We set the hook between two commercial crab pots and the Codville Armada was again set for the night. Gail cooked a fabulous s Salmon / Teriyaki and noodle dinner and it was smashingly delicious! That evening we went for a cruise around the area and there was an adjacent bay near by that was a better anchorage but marred by a clear cut area done in the 1950‘s.

This morning July 23rd the commercial crab boat from Hartley Bay came into the Cove to pull their pots and traded two small crab for two bears.

Quigley Creek Cove July 24 2010

Today at high tide we will head for Quigley Creek Cove.

July 23/24 2010

We arrived at Quigley Creek late afternoon in a driving rain storm with winds gusting to 30 set the hook and hunkered down for dinner and a bowling tournament on SeaJay.

Today July 24 is sunny and calm and we are hoping for a Salmon or two.

We fished our a-- off and got no fish. However this is a beautiful anchorage in the sunlight.

Next morning we head for Rescue Bay

We went through Meyers Passage then to Klemtu, then through Jackson Passage and the dreaded Jackson Narrows. We hit Jackson Narrows at low tide and cleared the bottom by only 2 feet. Crazy!

Just out side Jackson Narrows we anchored at Rescue Bay in early afternoon and went fishing with not a bite. ,

Doug and I each caught a small salmon and cod and through them back for another day.

Rescue Bay is a good anchorage with plenty of room to swing on the hook.

Shearwater July 26 2010.

We stopped here to stock up and fuel up.

Tomorrow we will fish for a while and then next day head for Namu inlet where they captured the Orca Whale "Namu" in the 1970’s.

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