Sea Jay Goes North 2011

Sea Jay Goes North  2011
Dawes Glacier Endicott Arm Alaska

Monday, August 30, 2010

Blind Channel 8/28/2010

We heeded for Blind Channel and arrived just after noon. The dock manager "Nick"said he would take me fishing and get a Ling Cod within 30 minutes so I said "your on".Mark Nick and I left the dock at 5 pm and withing 30 minutes Nick caught a 13 pound Ling and I caught a rock. Next morning Kim and I went out and within 30 minutes she caught a 16 pound Ling and I caught another rock. We had an excellent dinner at their restaurant and we highly recommend this stopping off place. We left Blind Channel with Big Sky at 11 am after Kim got her Ling cleaned and cruised to Campbell River at a leisurely 4 to 6 knots to catch the slack current at 3 pm. We plan to spend a week or so in CR with guest Robert and Janie Rath coming in on the 2nd to do some heavy fishing and cruise back with us. The pinks and Cohos are in and the fishing is very good.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Port Harvey 8/27/2010

Next day with Big Sky We decided to try a new resort at Port Harvey which is about 38 miles from Sointula on West Cracroft Island. This was a good find and is run by a very nice couple,George and Gail. We did an afternoon cruise in the F16 where we found a cute little house with a for sale sign on it that read , " House is for sale by owner because my neighbor is an Asshole!" a second sign just below that sign read, "Fuck off George." This was a most unusual event and later that night at dinner we asked George the owner of Port Harvey Marina what it was about. He said this neighbor had some Scottish Highlander cattle that were wandering onto his property and destroying his garden. So he asked the neighbor with the cattle to keep his cattle off his property... and that resulted in the sign. We all had a good laugh and a great home made Pizza dinner followed up with home made chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream, and fresh sticky buns to take back to the boat for breakfast the next morning.

Drury Inlet/ Davis Bay, Kim's 16 lb King, Sointula 8/23-26/2010

Next morning we went to Davis Bay and spent a uneventful anchorage. On the way Gary got a call on the radio that the Salmon were hot at James Point so the next morning, we all (Noon Balloon, Sea Jay, Lerado and Big Sky) moved to an anchorage near Dickson Island and went fishing . Kim Nance and I went fishing the next morning and she caught a beautiful 16 pound King/Spring Salmon. What a fight it made, running three times before we could bring it aboard. This is a cool anchorage as you can run up a narrow cut in Broughton Island and get all the way to Greenway Sound. Next day with Big Sky we headed to Sointula a Finish village on Malcome Island just to see what it was like. Noon Baloon headed for Booker Lagoon and Lerado started to head south. The marina at Sointula is mostly for fishing boats but we decided to check it out. The people are very friendly and I borrowed a bicycle from the marina and road into town where I met the rest of the gang for lunch. The next morning Big Sky went to Port McNeil for supplies and we decided to stay another night at Sointula before heading south to Port Harvey.

Moore Bay 8/22/2010

From Crpress we went to Moore Bay which joins the start of Kingcome Inlet. This is a wonderful anchorage and we pulled in big catches of Jumbo Prawns. Next morning Joe, Joanne and I went up Kingcome inlet 18 miles in the F16 to see a giant Pictograph ( 28X38 feet) painted by a native artist Marianne Nicholson, on a shear rock face. It is an awsome sight and was worth the trip. at the head on the inlet and up the Kingcome river is a native village which you can only visit by invitation.

Cypress Harbor 8/21/2010

From Simoon, Sea Jay & Noon Balloon met up with Lerado at Cypress Harbor to stock up on Dungeness Crab and we hit the jack pot big time. Big Sky went to Shawl Bay to check it out.

August 19 2010 Simoon Sound

The next day I went on a glorious ride on the SeaDoo from Simoon Sound to Kwatsi then to Viner Sound then Echo Bay and back to Simoon . I stopped at a fish farm to stretch my legs along the way and saw monster salmon in the pens.

From Echo Bay with Big Sky and Noon Baloon we moved to Simoon Sound and anchored in our favorite bay which is shown on the first page of this Blog.

There were black bears there to entertain us and we had a relaxing two days there.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Echo Bay 8,15-19 2010

We left Laura bay and motored to Echo Bay for the annual Echo Bay Yacht Club cruise. We met up with Kim and Mark Nance and of course Gary and Lenore who got us started in this fine Yacht Club made up of boats from all over the country. It was a lot of fun to see all the familiar faces and catch up on the past years events in their lives. We had too many great meals including a kick ass Prime Rib dinner the last night. The fishing was very bad this year when u consider the bottom fish prize went to a 13 year old boy with a 4 pound Halibut and the largest salmon was a 21 pound Coho.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Laura Bay

Prawning out side of Laura Bay was good with nice size prawns and my freedom ride on the Seadoo was wonderful on the smooth blue green water.

Laura Bay

Next morning at the crack of 10 we headed for Laura Bay to Meet with Gary and Lenore.

It was a fabulous day with 80 degrees and calm water.

We got there in time to set the Prawn Pots and Gary and lenore treated us to a Prawn dinner that was to die for. her rice was also very good. I also got the Sea Doo in the water and had a wonderful ride to Samoon Sound then to Shawl bay and back to Laura bay in about an our. Gary also took the SEADOO A RIDE and gave it a thumbs up for the speed acceleration and ability to turn it over. he did a fine job for his first ride and did not turn it morning. We checked the pots the next morning and did fairly well with good sized prawns

Sullivan Bay / Little Nimmo

My brother and his wife (Doug and Amanda ) arrived on the 13th and we wasted no time in showing them the local stuff. We headed for Turnbull Cove and on the way saw a Humpback playing near by. Then we toured Little Nimmo lodge and had a nice bottle of wine on their deck. The weather was perfect at about 80 degrees and calm water. The day was topped off with a Prime Rib dinner at the Sullivan Bay restaurant.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Greenway Sound

Left Greenway for Sullivan Bay to catch a flight for our friend Clark Nichols.

We really enjoyed his company
and he was a fine addition to our crew.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Greenway Sound

We steamed to Greenway Sound as we heard they had new owners. Trip is the new owner... a former Husky Football star that played in the Husky Michigan Rose Bowl and the Huskys won. Soooo.... Trip met us at the dock with a big purple W on his hat and a big purple flag on the dock. Yuk!!!!

But as it turned out he is a real good guy and we had a wonderful dinner with lots of great red wine and he does make a wonderful martini.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shawl Bay / Greenway Sound

We arrived at Shawl Bay by noon and tied up. It is a pleasant place and we had a potluck dinner and 26th birthday party for Robby who has lived and worked there since he was a small boy.

Today we headed for Greenway Sound which has new ownership and will try their dinner tonight

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dickson Island / Sullivan Bay/ Drury Inlet Turnbull Cove Little Nimmo Lodge

Left Port McNeill and anchored with Noon Balloon at Dickson Island. A neighbor boat gave us a large side of salmon and we had a wonderful salmon diner. Next we headed for Sullivan Bay to Pick up our guest Clark Nichols who will travel with us for a week. Left Sullivan Bay and anchored at Turnbull Cove and did a nice side trip to Little Nimmo Lodge a very high end fly in resort that was featured in Boston Legal. it is really impressive with 5 helicopter pads and cabins to match.