Sea Jay Goes North 2011

Sea Jay Goes North  2011
Dawes Glacier Endicott Arm Alaska

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sitka to Kalinin Bay & Sukoi Bay 6-10-6-13

We left Sitka to go north to Kalinin Bay to see if we could catch some Salmon. Spirit went South to go around the south end of Baranof Island. Kalinin Bay is a very nice anchorage just inside open ocean and we found it to be very popular with the sport fisherman. Next morning we took the Aksano out at the tide change at the crack of ten and within two hours we had our daily limit of King Salmon and one nice Black Cod/Sea Bass.

The next morning we went out again and as soon as I got the herring set with the down riggers Cheryl had a salmon on then at the same time I had one on. Our first double header. It was a calamity with Cheryl reeling a 35 pound King and me trying to reel and net a 25 pound King single handed ....but eventually we got them both in the boat and once again after only 20 minutes we had our daily limit and enough Salmon to last us a year. That afternoon we went a few miles southeast and anchored in Sukoi Bay and were there alone for the night.

Sukoi Bay is a beautiful setting complete with Grizzly Bears, Black bears on the beach. (the Grizzlys eat grass and the Black Bear pick through the rocks looking for food). There were also three adult deer and a fawn running about. It was all very entertaining.
Today we returned to Sitka for my final blood test and plan to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday with the Gills (their wedding anniversary was three days ago) .


  1. Loving living your trip to Alaska through your pics and write ups, see you soon, we are heading to Seattle on Monday from AZ, home by Friday. Not sure if we will make the Broughton's but Ganges and The Oyster Catcher are high on our list.


  2. Happy Birthday and Fathers Day
    Amanda and Doug

  3. Hi - just a comment from a Sitka resident. We do not have any black bears - only coastal browns. They come in many color phases - from almost black to orangey red. The young ones often appear darker than the adults. Glad you enjoyed your stay here, and hope you get to come back!