Sea Jay Goes North 2011

Sea Jay Goes North  2011
Dawes Glacier Endicott Arm Alaska

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Campbell River Sept 5, 2010

We have gone fishing several times only to be blown off the water.

On Sept 5, 2010 Robert and I went North from Campbell River in the F16, past Seymour Narrows to Deep Bay just East of Browns Bay. When we got there after going through max 12 knot currents with horrendous whirl pools and outfalls in Seymour Narrows the wind was blowing from the North West at 35 so we went ac crossed the straights to Browns Bay and to have a bowl of Chowder and a cup of coffee to consider our options for fishing. After we had a nice bowl of Chowder we went back out and it was still nasty but we went north around the point and found some decent water and begin to fish. Robert purchased a special light green Hoochee the day before and he spent an hour rigging it up just as the guy at the Tyee fishing store told him to do. He also put his line down to 130 feet rather than the usual 75 feet. In a few minutes he said " Jimmy I have a fish on". It was a beautiful 18 pound Coho and it swam right to the boat and quickly got wrapped around the down rigger cable. I leaped almost over the side and got him in the net on the first try and when I dropped the net in the boat the hooks came out of his mouth. What a nice reward for the two days of getting our butt kicked hard by the wind and wave action.

See photo above.
Yesterday we went to the local museum and watched the Ripple Rock blasting movie. It is very impressive so I purchased a DVD of this largest non nuclear explosions on record. They dug a tunnel under the channel and then up into the twin peaks of Ripple Rock using 2.2 million pounds of TNT to remove the top of this deadly hazard in Seymour Narrows which had claimed 114 lives prior to this blast in 1956. Two days ago a fishing boat turned over in Seymour Narrows and the crew of 5 were rescued by a passing charter boat. The boats stern was pulled under by a large while pool and then it rolled on it's side and has been towed to a bay waiting for a salvage crew to right it and tow it into Campbell River. Seymour Narrows is still one of the most dangerous passages on the West Coast and deserves great respect. This fishing boat was loaded to the gunnels with salmon and they were making the passage with out regard to the currents.

We plan to leave Campbell River on Friday and head for Desolation Sound for a week or so before we start south.

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