Sea Jay Goes North 2011

Sea Jay Goes North  2011
Dawes Glacier Endicott Arm Alaska

Friday, September 17, 2010

Campbell River, Squirrel Cove, Elworthy Island Toba Wildernest Laughing Oyster Nanaimo Sept 5,-16

Campbell River, Squirrel Cove, Elworthy Island, Toba Wildernest, Okeover Inlet, Nanaimo.

On a fishing trip through Seymour narrows in the F16 Robert and Janie are posing in front of the Navigation light at the apex of the narrows. A sight seldom seen by mortals.

We left Campbell River and met Noon Balloon at At Squirrel Cove Then moved to Elworthy Island. There we caught some Ling Cod and made a good harvest of Prawns. Next we moved to Toba Wildernest and I went on two wonderful Seadoo Rides one for 53 miles and the second for 45 miles. On these rides I got to visit all our favorite locations in Desolation Sound including Forbes bay. Robert and I were fishing for Salmon and I had a shaker on when wham! an 20 pound Ling took the shaker and got hooked up.

It was a great fight and we had Ling Cod for dinner. Janie and I also caught some Black Rock cod and we really enjoyed a great fish dinner and a bowling tournament. At Toba Gary set a crab pot at 320 and got these never seen before weird crab. At the recommendation of the Mark and Kim Nance we enjoyed a really great dinner at the Laughing Oyster. It is an outstanding restaurant.

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