Sea Jay Goes North 2011

Sea Jay Goes North  2011
Dawes Glacier Endicott Arm Alaska

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wed June 23rd

Wednesday June 23

We left the dock at Campbell River at 5:45 so we would hit Seymour Narrows at slack current.
We hit slack on the nose and quickly ran up to 25 knots with a 4 knot push from the outgoing tide. Then as forecast we had a 35 knot wind at our back which produced 6 foot breaking rollers and a following sea. The boat handled it beautifully and the F 16 rode very well in our wake.

It was still a comfortable dry ride but the rain and wind increased making visibility poor. At 2 ½ hours we hit a big log broad side …Bang Bang and pulled the power back to all stop.

Cautiously we increase power to ascertain the damage and as luck would have only a minor vibration was noticed and we were not sinking. Some how the log did not wipe out the propellers. However as I increased power we again had no boost on the left engine again the same as last Sat when we pulled the power back quickly to avoid a log… so go figure, we had to run at 13 knots for an hour or so then I tried to run it up and the right engine did produce boost and came up on line with full power.

Soooooo the mystery continues. When we got to Port McNeill the wind was gusting to 40 kts and it was a very difficult docking because we had the F16 dragging behind and because of the high waves we could not bring it along side for docking.

Once we had secured the dock I went below and removed and checked the starboard engine primary fuel filters. They were clean so one must imagine that there must be a movable clog in the supply side of the fuel line to the starboard engine. Late in the afternoon I made contact with a local diesel repairman and he came out about 5 PM. he will be here in the morning t continue the search for the problem.

We had a nice lunch with the Colliers and Stewarts at a local Pub and now at 11 PM the wind has calmed.

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