Sea Jay Goes North 2011

Sea Jay Goes North  2011
Dawes Glacier Endicott Arm Alaska

Monday, June 21, 2010

Nanaimo /Denman Island / Henry Bay

Left Bedwell Harbor for Nanaimo where we picked up our 5 dozen bottles of home made wine we had ordered last year. We decided to keep it in boxes rather than pack all those bottles. After several tastings we decided it was good wine. Had a nice dinner and lunch at the Coast Hotel served both times by Ann Marie who gave Cheryl several tips on where to get a Kentucky Derby hat for the Tea to be held in Echo Bay. Cheryl found a whole , (hat dress & neckless) outfit in the mall. Next evening we went to a Italian restaurant with the Stewarts and Colliers and their grandson Sean. Got our fishing licenses, stocked up on fresh fruit and purchased a salmon to hang on the wall that I have been looking at for two years. We left Nanaimo and cruised to Denman Island in calm waters and very nice sunshine. Anchoring at Denmon Island was very nice and it allowed Cheryl and I to test the newly installed folding Swim step ladder on the Seadoo. I took it to a shallow area & slid off the machine in to the ice water with Cheryl close by in the F 16 (just in case)and deployed the ladder while bobbing in the water in my Mustang suit the ladder came down nicely and climbed back on the machine with out a hitch. Hooray! now I can fall of and get back the Seadoo even in 50 degree water. Today we cruised to Gorge Harbor on Cortez Island.

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