Sea Jay Goes North 2011

Sea Jay Goes North  2011
Dawes Glacier Endicott Arm Alaska

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Octopus Islands for two days

We left Gorge Harbor with a very favorable feeling of this newly remodeled resort and headed for Octopus Islands. Colliers went to Quadra Island to visit their friends place and dig clams , Stewarts were still ion Campbell River visiting relatives and getting their Gen set repaired. We had not been to Octopus Islands for over ten years so we were looking forward to it. We stern tied in the Islets in a wonderful spot suggested by Nat. We find that the 65 is a bit more of a handful to stern tie than the 38 but after an hour and a half we got it done and were secure for the stay.
The next day at slack current I took the Sedoo for a wonderfully exhilarating ride out of the Islands and clear through the Hole in the Wall and back which id a narrow channel about three mile in length.

That afternoon the Colliers and Stewarts arrived and we were treated by the Colliers to a fabulous clam pre dinner feast then Nat led us to the museum that the Timm's said to be sure to visit. It is an old well kept an open cabin filled with mementos from boaters visiting this land mark over the years and we did see a shell collection that the Timms had created and place there on display some years ago. Nat and Sean created a small crab encased in acrylic the night before and left it there to be on display for years to come. a fuzzy photo proves that we all made this visit.
This morning I took another great ride for about 20 miles on the route that we took to Cordero.

We pulled anchor at noon thirty and headed to Cordero Lodge by way of Johnstone Straights and Blind Channel. We will have a very tasty German dinner tonight and this legendary Resort.

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