Sea Jay Goes North 2011

Sea Jay Goes North  2011
Dawes Glacier Endicott Arm Alaska

Friday, June 18, 2010

We made a crack of noon departure from Hope Island to hit slack current at Deception Pass and docked at Roche Harbor RHYC overflow outstation.

Roche is truly magic for us and we enjoyed a great dinner on the outside deck with Doug and Gail.

Next morning we topped up tanks and made the short trip to Bedwell Harbor passing through Johns pass and the scenic teepee camp for kids.

Checking in with Canadian Customs by phone with our NEXUS pass and then on to Bedwell where we were searched by Customs for 1.5 hours even after we were cleared by phone.
That afternoon we took the F16 with Doug and gail to Port Browning marina for lunch. It is a nice setting with fairly good grub. The marina is decaying but they are making a real effort to get it into better condition.

This morning we left Bedwell Harbor and made an easy trip through Dodd narrows to Nanaimo where we will stock up with provisions for our venture further north

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